Catcall, HOOPS, S.Y.L.K and Ms Fitz

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For some time i’ve been noticing a movement in Sydney of hip-hop and 90’s R&B influenced girl crews making a bit of a scene for themselves. DJ’s and MC’s who love dressing up in an over the top style, performing and throwing parties.


It’s a ‘sisters are doing it for themselves‘ type attitude. I imagine the girls growing up on acts like Salt-n-Pepa and Madonna and now they’re living out their childhood fantasies of dressing up and singing and dancing on stage with their friends.


At this stage it’s a pretty street level movement, not cracking the mainstream, and the acts that typify it for me are Catcall, the HOOPS DJ’s and S.Y.L.K.

Catcall, Hoops, S.Y.L.K. and Ms Fitz

So when i heard Time Out was planning an issue based on the broad theme of ‘style’ i thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring these acts together and document it in a photoshoot.

Fighting over Bad Ezzy

Several emails later and we were all together in a dance studio taking pictures. I also invited stylist and sometime Catcall backup singer/dancer Ms Fitz (not this Ms Fits) to be a part of it as she embodies the mashed up fashion style and attitude.


The photos and article are now running across a double page spread in the current issue of Time Out Sydney.


It’s testament to the pretty sweet nature of my job that although i’m just the photographer, i can initiate and produce a feature of my own and get it in the mag.


  1. Ah that’s great. There’s something you couldn’t do in a similar role at another more established place.

  2. Yeah man. Those chicks are BANGIN hottt…

  3. they all look like midgets. I think they’d have trouble playing basketball against a team of oompa loompas.

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