Sydney Barmy for Russell Brand

Russell Brand at the Enmore Theatre

Sydney seemed in the grip of Russell Brand fever when he visited last week to perform two sold out nights at the Enmore Theatre and Hordern Pavilion.

Russell Brand

He’s got quite the reputation as a ladies man and I got to see the effect he has on womenfolk up close at an after party Time Out hosted for him at Ivy Pool Club.

Russell Brand

Dozens and dozens of women were all clamouring for his attention, trying to talk their way into his VIP section of the party or dance sexily in his eye shot. It was a strange scene. The next day Russell tweeted that he “felt like an exhibit in a nit wit zoo”.

Russell Brand

Here’s Russell with Time Out Sydney‘s editor Dan Rookwood and Ivy owner Justin Hemmes.

Russell Brand

I was stuck downstairs for most of the night, snapping pictures on a Time Out media wall.

Ruby Rose

Time Out’s current covergirl Ruby Rose.


It can get a bit dull shooting the same old photo, so if people are up for something more creative then so am I.

Caroline and Rosey

You can see more pictures in the Russell Brand after party gallery or at Time Out Sydney.


  1. I couldn’t get over the embarrassingly deliberate ‘goth/rock chick’ styling of the girls who attended.
    “Hm, I guess I should wear this shiny black outfit. Russell Brand seems to be in to that sort of thing”.

  2. Love following your inside view!
    I read your post and feel cool, like I’m in the ‘in crowd’, thanks for the window to this world.

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