Sydney Laneway Festival 2006

Broken Social Scene Guitars

Broken Social Scene Guitars

It seems the unanimous opinion that the inaugural Sydney Laneway Festival was a raging success.

Wolf and Cub

I’m already late posting my photos (i’ve been sick – woe is me, etc…) so i’ll skip the commentary and just link to my gallery of photos from the Laneway Festival in Sydney. There’s shots of Les Savy Fav, The Gossip, The Drones, Broken Social Scene and a bunch more.

The Drones

More photos can be seen at Triple J, Sean has some commentary including video of the infamous Les Savy Fav wall incident, Chris has some notes and photos too.

Les Savy Fav

In other news U2 have “postponed” their Australian tour. I’ve got tickets to both Sydney shows plus a ticket and flight booked for Melbourne. There goes that idea.

The Gossip


  1. Nice snaps (as always). I saw you clicking away during The Posies and would have said hello but didn’t want to interrupt your art. That was such a killer set they played. I nearly had a tear in my eye when they came out and ripped into Dream All Day.
    I gather you didn’t stick around for the end of the set as I don’t see any pictures of Ken in his underwear?. Which is probably a good thing. It wasn’t a pretty sight, but very funny nonetheless.

  2. You forgot to mention that The Drones won the 2005 Australian Music Prize – after destroying their guitars at the festival they could sure do with the money.

  3. Dan,
    If I was to comment on a REALLY annoying photographer at Laneway would you know who I’m talking about? He was bald, late 20s, and STANDING on the friggin front of the stage to take photos with his G3 (or something). I wanted to smack him.

  4. Stove – yeah i missed the Ken in his underpants. Would’ve been quite a ridiculous sight i’m sure.
    Sean – i know exactly who you mean and he was shitting me no end. I actually spoke to a security guard and asked him to keep him in line. He was standing on the fricken stage. Eejit.

  5. Hey Dan. I read in today’s MX that Virgin Blue will convert tickets to credit for no charge if you were going to a U2 concert. Who are/were you flying with?

  6. Some awesome photos. You’ve taken the shoe/pedal/etc ambient shot to a new level with the series of guitar necks shot.

  7. Tuppence – yep, i was on Virginblue and true to their word they’ve issued a credit with no charge. Now fingers crossed the show is rescheduled and not cancelled.
    Matt – thanks man, your shots are killer as always too. I find myself getting bored with standard performer shots so look for other thigs to focus on, like the guitars or shoes or whatever.

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