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Bluejuice Problems

My first album cover photo!

This is the cover art for bluejuice‘s debut album Problems. After being around for 6 years they’re finally releasing their debut album on the 11th August.

You may remember the photo when i first posted it.


I haven’t seen it myself yet, but i believe the rear CD art is the bottom half of the photo.

The band seem to have embraced being odd for this new album. The video for the first single Vitriol has them forming a cult and performing to a bemused Pitt St Mall crowd.

The song has been doing great for them, being the most played track on triple j last week.

It’s great to see it doing so well. I visited the band in the studio in May last year while they were recording it. It got stuck in my head after hearing it played over and over so many times and now it’s back.

Download Vitriol (mp3 via

bluejuice in the recording studio

bluejuice (who insist on lowercase spelling) start a tour of NSW, Victoria and Queensland this month. Dates on their myspace.

Check out how strange they are in the flesh.


  1. Ahaha! I didn’t make that connection! Vitriol is such an awse song, the video clip is hilarious and… your CD cover is tre cool.

  2. I always thought that was a great picture! Using the top half on the front and the bottom on the back is ingenious.

  3. this is da sweetest song eva the video is feckin’ hiliarious, lol

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