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Dappled Cities and Red Riders at The Metro

Last week Dappled Cities Fly and Red Riders co-headlined a sold out show at The Metro in Sydney. I took pictures.

Dappled Cities and Red Riders at The MetroDappled Cities and Red Riders at The Metro

It was quite an occasion, one which marks a high point in the rise of each band.

Sydney bands tend to start their lives by playing a gig at a smallish venue like The Excelsior or The Hopetoun, if they graduate from that they may play at Spectrum, Candys or The Annandale. The next step might be The Gaelic Club and if they’ve really got things going for them, The Metro.

Dappled Cities and Red Riders at The Metro

After that it’s a game of diminishing returns. If you move on to The Enmore or the Hordern Pavillion or even the Entertainment Centre, it’s not so fun to watch anymore. The Metro holds about a thousand people, which is about the biggest size to still feel intimate and comfortable. It’s a well designed room which has seen some incredible gigs in it’s time.

Dappled Cities and Red Riders at The Metro

Once a band can sell out The Metro it’s a bit of a hallmark moment in their career. And so it was for Sydney bands Dappled Cities and Red Riders.

Dappled Cities and Red Riders at The Metro

After triumphant sets, both bands came back on stage to cover Guns’n’Roses November Rain. It was awesome. Sean has video.

Dappled Cities and Red Riders at The Metro

I’m not sure what’s next for Red Riders, but Dappled Cities are soon to migrate to the US. They’ve got support tours lined up with Tokyo Police Club and The Fratellis. Exciting times.

You can read Tim’s tour diary of their last trip to America when i briefly crossed their path.

Belles will ring

Not to be forgotten was fabulous supporting act Belles Will Ring. They’re about to embark on their own tour soon.


  1. That’s pretty impressive…I saw DCF play to about 30 sleppy punters at the Cooly in December. Nice shots Dan. I love the pano/crop showing the room, looks like a great venue.

  2. i can see myself in some of these pictures! exciting! you always take such good pictures mr boud.

  3. Glad you mentioned Belles will Ring I really like the album, great melodies and extremely catchy. I still haven’t seen them live though so will look out for their next dates…

  4. excellent pics once again! saw you taking pics, for once i left my camera at home and went to enjoy all of the show.
    big things for all these boys indeed 🙂

  5. i love that photo of dave & alex reading the book. it kinda looks like a father & son reading a bedtime story.

  6. I thought you’d like that shot. They were really chuffed with your book.

  7. Great photos Dan – was a fantastic gig – especially the november rain cover..

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