Nick Cave and Grinderman

Nick Cave

Here’s some photos from Nick Cave‘s gig at The Enmore Theatre tonight.

Nick Cave

Nick Cave is a genuine Australian music legend. Unlike many of his generation who lost their mojo and grew complacent and boring from success, Nick Cave is still filled with more passion and venom than most half his age. His unique style and broad creative output is beyond compare.

Nick Cave

In a cheeky move for this tour, his band Grinderman plays the support slot prior to Nick Cave’s solo set which was filled out by his bearded Grinderman band mates.

Here’s a clip of Grinderman performing on Later with Jools Holland.

For the gig tonight us photographers were restricted to shooting just one Nick Cave song, and none of Grinderman. Still, it was a privelege just watching.

Nick Cave


  1. oh lucky you! i always wanted to see him live! hope he will come to Norway soon, and after seeing those pics i hope sooner than later..

  2. I like the way he has his hand raised as if to say “Thou doth protest too much!”

  3. great shots dan!!
    i’m nervously biting my nails to the bone waiting to see mine…

  4. I saw Nick and Grinderman on Friday night. My voice is still recovering. I really really enjoyed Grinderman.

  5. I was lucky enough to see him perform when he toured the states four or five years ago. It was easily one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

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