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The Christmas Tree at Martin Place

It’s Wednesday which means another issue of Time Out Sydney will be hitting Sydney news stands. This week’s magazine is a special Sydney Songs issue with a feature on the top 20 songs connected with Sydney.

The magazine cover is by the exceptionally talented Biddy of We Buy Your Kids. We also had covers designed by the similarly superb Katherine of Greedy Hen and James Bellesini of Love Police. Those covers can be seen across full pages inside the mag. The three designers are the cream of the crop talents working in the music biz, with their artwork gracing many of your favourite band’s tour posters and album artwork. It’s exciting to get such great people contributing.

There’s an invite only gig happening tonight (Wednesday) to celebrate the launch of the issue, with sets by Cloud Control and Wons Phreely. Email me if you want to go.

And now onto some of the photos i’ve taken for the past couple of issues.


Bridezilla are featured amongst our top 5 bands to watch in 2008.

Clarence John Ryan

Actor Clarence John Ryan stars in the new Australian film September.

Matt Noffs and Naomi Kemmerer

Naomi Kemmerer and Matt Noffs in what will soon house the ‘Street University’. It’s a project to support and educate marginalised young people in the Liverpool/Cabramatta area.

Michael C Hall

Actor Michael C. Hall channeling Dexter. It’s the best show on TV (or bittorrent…).

Ian Rankin

Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin was in town to promote the final book in his Inspector Rebus series.

Taiko Taikoz Drummer

Taiko drummer Tom Hampton of TaikOz.

Neil Perry

Chef Neil Perry looking chuffed, as he might well be after a 6 out of 6 star review for his freshly revamped Rockpool (fish).


  1. Oooh, those photos are so sweet.
    When I’m in Sydney after Xmas, I’m definitely going to pick up a copy!

  2. I actually just received the Bridezilla EP in the mail the other day to review for I’m With The Band.. It’s quite good, definitely a band on the rise..
    Dig the Neil Perry shot, I watch his tv shows religiously on foxtel..

  3. Bridezilla looks like an awesome band, and I just checked out their MySpace and I love their music. So now I’m going to go buy their EP. Thanks for the link! That photo of them is awesome, I love the contrast and the guys shirt.

  4. I would love to see that list of 20 songs connected with Sydney. Will it appear anywhere online?

  5. nice photos as always dan.
    i noticed you’ve changed the watermark! so i take it that even though the photos are taken by you, you don’t have 100% ownership? is that the deal?

  6. Matt – i don’t have much to do with the website so i’m not sure. At this stage it doesn’t look like it.
    Lucky – yeah that’s pretty much the deal with any photos i take for Time Out.

  7. I’m wondering how many of those Top 20 songs will be You Am I or Paul Kelly songs. Still I’d be interested in seeing the list.
    I’d come to the show but I’m on the other side of the world at the moment so it’s a bit hard.

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