Las Vegas pictures

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Frank and Nat

I’m still trawling down memory lane and have just uploaded my gallery of photos from Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

Vegas came directly after my 10 days in Austin and was like a recovery from the hectic times at SXSW.

Las Vegas

Most would come to Vegas to gamble and party but i spent most of it in bed, watching Lost and kicking about the house.

It was a welcome respite. I already did the Vegas partying/gambling/wedding thing two years ago.

Las Vegas

I was lucky enough to have friends to stay with, Nat and her hubby Anthony. I was very thankful for their hospitality.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas


  1. the gambling thing in vegas gets really old really quickly i found. every casino looks different on the outside, but when you’re inside, they’re ALL the same.
    vegas is a bizarre place, stuck in the middle of the desert surrounded by massive mountains. the sprawling suburbia is also weird considering how bad a place it is to live (the dust, the heat, the lack of water).

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