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My official photoblogging stint over at Lifelounge is at an end now. You can see my efforts over at Lifelounge or in this Flickr set.


I feel like a sellout writing about the phone too much, but it’s pretty nifty. It ain’t no iPhone though.

Straight Arrows

That picture is of my new Straight Arrows 7" record. I don’t even have a record player, but it’s a nice memento.

I ordered it from the new Polaroids of Androids store. I heartily endorse their product and/or service. And they didn’t have to give me a free phone to say that.


  1. It ain’t no iPhone though
    looking at the hardware specs – it looks like the n95 is more featured. The only real advantages to the iphone are software based making it (hopefully) easier to use.
    One advantage for the nokia is the software that’s available for symbian based phones. There are heaps of free programs to replace the rubbish ones that come pre-installed – I like the ability to play megadrive games on my n80 🙂 Unfortunately it looks like apple are going to be a bit more closed shop with developing apps on the iphone which is a bit of a shame.

  2. Fair points.
    The major things i see the iPhone doing better is in the usability and interface. I still get frustrated with the n95 in that department.
    And the n95 has GPS but it’s so bloody slow and unreliable it’s not much more than a novelty.
    On the other hand – the photo and video capabilities of the n95 are much better than the iPhone.
    And it is more open to installing 3rd party apps and games.

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