Photoblogging with the n95

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  1. Good work, Dan. The N95 seems to take quite a good shot. I particularly liked the close up of the EBR and the nocturnal laptop.
    (Don’t let Apple’s agencies steal that laptop shot as an idea for their next run of adverts.)

  2. You’ll have to let us know how it goes, I’m in the market for a new phone seeing as we probably wont see the iPhone here till March / April next year.. I’ve been looking at a couple of the Sony Ericsson’s and they’ve been winning awards with their ‘cybershot’ phones..
    Matt’s beard is starting to look pretty rockstar..haha

  3. I don’t understand. Is it a big phone? Or a camera by Nokia. A camera phone with a flash?

  4. i was just in a music seminar this week in Hong Kong and half the talks were all about how digital sales in Asia goes onto mobiles and not on itunes/ipods. so all these phone companies were pimping up boring telecommunications services and how they’re going to rule the music industry within 5 years, which i believe to be true. they were all talking about 4G, 5G kinda level phones and shiz. anyway nokia had a N95 stand outside of the room directly competing with the motorolla rockr phone. both were pretty good and impressive and all, this nokia seems to be passing itself off as a multimedia device / mini computer whereas the motorolla is more a phone & mp3 player complete with wireless headphones.
    i’ve always used nokias but the last two phones i bought from them started breaking down after 2 months…so i wonder how long this N95 will work before they stop working perfectly, seeing they have so many features in it, it must mean that there’s a lot more things would break once you drop/bump it right?

  5. hey that’s my second cousin to the right of Cybele in that mtv photo…..what a small world

  6. Nokia N95 is a cool phone. Its camera takes good pictures. Photos of mundanity? That’s cool as well. 😉

  7. One man’s mundane life keeps the world turning. Could you imagine how interesting the pix would be if they took mundane pix in the….of the…through out history. We’d be fascinated. Its a record of our culture, here and now. Go for it gorgeous and have a blast.

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