It’s not only Rock’n’Roll

In Food and Drink Photography


Here’s some pictures i’ve taken for Time Out Sydney of late. Primarily for the food and drink section.

Chinta Ria

Scallops from Chinta Ria.

Kasbah breakfast feast

A breakfast feast. And my sneakers.

Sydney Fish Market

Barrel of octopus.

CWA cake competition

Judging cakes is serious business.

Flaming cocktail

Cocktail flairing is getting ridiculous.

Beachside breakfast

Breakfast by the beach.


I’m learning to love macro.


See what i mean.


  1. do you get to eat that magnificent food dude?

  2. I love the cake judging. It may not have the wow factor of the others but is so evocative of that world. It made me smile.

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