Sydney’s best coffee

Time Out Sydney coffee cover

I spent last week drinking lots of very good coffee while shooting Time Out‘s feature on Sydney’s best coffee.

The cover shot is a snap i took quickly by a window at Campos last year.


Bertoni in Balmain was baby central. In fact all of Balmain appeared overrun with newborns. The streets congested with strollers.


A nice free pour at Wall Cafe.

bill and toni

These gents on the terrace at Bill and Toni’s were classic. I asked if they minded if i shoot in their direction, and the fella with the moustache was more than happy, as long as i gave him a moment to spruce up his mo.


The busy CBS baristas at Mecca.


This is a close up of a ristretto from Single Origin. As close to pure, unadulterated coffee as you can get.

Single Origin Cafe

For the curious, Time Out Sydney voted Single Origin as the best coffee.

See the mag or the website for the full top 10 list.


  1. Hey Dan,
    these pics are making me crazy home sick – living in New York it’s hard to get a fix of top notch coffee, but there are a few spots…
    Really nice work.

  2. Fantastic ‘tache. About time Time Out did a ‘Sydney Moustache’ issue. Or facial hair in general.

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