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Last Saturday saw Modular‘s Nevereverland tour kick off in Sydney at the Hordern Pavilion.

The show was a bit of a showcase for Modular acts like The Presets, Klaxons, Cut Copy, Ladyhawke, Bumblebeez and Van She. Invited international guests were geek Berliners The Whitest Boy Alive and disco queens Hercules and the Love Affair.

The day was a bit of a test for me photographically because i wasn’t using my typical Canon 5D set up. The night before the gig, the mirror fell off the shutter of the 5D and it was unusable. Cybele saved the day by lending me her Nikon D3. It’s the bees knees of low light photography, but i felt like a complete n00b with it’s back to front dials and unfamiliar set up. I managed though, and made good use of it’s high ISO capabilities.



whitest boy alive

The Whitest Boy Alive laughing off some keyboard glitches.

hercules and the love affair

Nomi Ruiz, the statuesque transgender frontwoman of Hercules and the Love Affair.


Photographers in the pit getting a height helping hand.


The Klaxons were a little more subdued, but a lot more polished than last time they were here.

cut copy

Cut Copy.


Attractive festival go-ers.


Not so attractive festival go-ers.


The Presets.


A melee of punters.

Loads more photos in the Nevereverland photo gallery.


  1. The low light capabilities of the new Nikons are just awesome. Must be a common deal with the 5D’s…my mirror fell off a few months ago but Canon were awesome and had it back within 2 days and repaired for free (so it must be happening regularly).
    Great shots as usual.

  2. Quite a contrast between the attractive and not-so attractive festival goers at these one day things aren’t there!

  3. Canon is reknowned for having good service. I’ve never heard from Nikon in my life and I have taken over 100,000 photos with their cameras. (I did write to them about it.)

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