Munted Punters

In Social Photography


  1. And I often wonder how you manage to get a gallery with as few (none?) of these pics as possible!
    I guess you’d have to make a stand and really demand people not to look stupid.

  2. Well usually i’d avoid people looking like this. And even if i did take a photo of them i’d not publish it. So this is kind of like out-takes.

  3. Jules: Try selling em a t shirt…
    “what colour would you like”
    *points at display* “one of them”
    “which one”
    “any… hang on, EH MACCA – WHICH COLOUR?”
    “I dunno Bazza, what colours are there?”
    … and so on

  4. aaah the “munted punters” – best definition for the summer festival season 😉

  5. if the munted punter has at least one purpose in the music scene – it’s that they service our amusement in the social pages and blogs likes yours Dan.
    (BTW I think I saw Cybele at the airport today)

  6. Given the lead singer of one of the bands I shoot has been known to put roast chickens, fruit and a bible with a hole drilled through it down his pants, munted punters are the least of my worries!

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