Children Collide : a photo retrospective 2004-2009

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For no reason in particular and in no particular order, here’s some Children Collide photos from the archives.

Children Collide

At the 2009 Big Day Out.

At The Annandale in 2008. This show got a rave review from Time Out.

At Homebake 2006.

At the opening night of now defunct Rebel Rebel.

At SXSW in 2007.

Johnny with Vincent Juggernaut in 2004 at Switchblade Sister.

With Simon from The Cops at a Reverberation gig in 2005.

Back with one of their original drummers at Candy’s Apartment in 2005.

Children Collide

At Spectrum in 2006.

They’re on tour again and have just been added to V Festival. Check out their myspace for details.


  1. True that.
    Truth be told i drafted this post back in November when they played at the Annandale. They’re always so busy i had to update it and finally send it live.

  2. at the risk of being lynched… some of your recent work on flickr has seemed rushed, or that you’re not always into it. this post reminds me of why i admire you work so much – really great series of pictures.

  3. Appreciate the comment. Critical feedback is very welcome.
    I’d say that’s a fair observation. I am rushed and not always into it. Borderline burned out.
    Now that i’m photographing fulltime so many of the pictures i take are for work or a client – they’re not for me, so i sometimes just toss them online as an afterthought.
    There’s also heaps of stuff that never goes online.
    Ta for commenting and glad you liked these pictures.

  4. Stuck at the back on drums! It’s always tough getting a decent photo of the drummer.

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