Kaiser Chiefs at the Enmore

Kaiser Chiefs

Last night i scored a last minute pass to snap Kaiser Chiefs at The Enmore Theatre.

Kaiser Chiefs

They’re always a pleasure and a challenge to shoot.

A pleasure because lead singer Ricky is so animated, leaping about the stage with loads of energy. And a challenge for the same reasons, in low coloured lights all that movement is hard to freeze in a good shot.

Kaiser ChiefsKaiser Chiefs

It was a bit of a concert photographers reunion down the front. There was Lucky, Anthony, Ashley, Graham, Mark, Anna and more i’ve rudely forgotten.

And although he wasn’t there on the night, the ghost of Danny North was breathing down my neck challenging me to get something better than all his crackers. Can’t say i did.

Kaiser ChiefsKaiser Chiefs


  1. Haha! Oh yes… I can not get out of my head Danny North’s photos either!
    Great to be in the photopit with such great Sydney photographers. πŸ˜€

  2. Holy shit Ricky Wilson’s lost a lot of weight! Or have I not been paying attention for the last couple of years…

  3. Hahah… They must’ve read your twitter stream and saw my ‘Don’t they know who you are!’ comment..
    Nice work as always..

  4. Hey Dan,
    Thanks for the mention! They had the same lighting scheme back in October, I was pulling my hair out every night. You did a great job in those low colour washes man.

  5. great pics man, you were definitely in the moment for this. love that you had such personal pressure to nail it.

  6. Great shots, love that first one. Jealous that I missed the gig snap reunion, looks like it was a blast.

  7. Great to be a part of the reunion even though I hadn’t met any of you before! Cheers from Perth. And Will, I sure I’ll meet you someday!

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