Stolen Girlfriends Club : RAFW 2010

In Documentary Photography, Fashion Photography

The Stolen Girlfriends Club show was in a big warehouse in Alexandria.

Mark "the Cobrasnake" and Tallulah Morton

Mark Cobrasnake was a backstage fixture at a lot of shows.

The show was sponsored by Vitamin Water

I had to shoot a load of sponsorship stuff for Vitamin Water, so didn’t get to do as much backstage as i would have otherwise.

Stolen Girlfriends Club designers with a couple of models

Show credits:

Show Production – Ali Newling and Natalie Jane Miller at Alias Creative
Styling – Zara Mirkin
Make Up – Amber Dreadon for M.A.C
Hair – Greg Murrell at Ryder for KMS California
Shoes – Beau Coops
Casting – Natalie Jane Miller
Visual Effects – The Visualistion Unit
Film & Projections – Blake Myers
Art & Music Direction – Stolen Girlfriends Club
PR & Sponsorship – Little Hero