Curtain call for Academy Twin Cinema

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The film projector at the Academy Twin, 2007

I was very disappointed this morning to hear of the demise of the Palace Academy Twin Cinema in Paddington. Apparently rental negotiations between Palace Cinemas and the landlord, the Greek Orthodox Community of Sydney have come to a stalemate and the cinema will close for good on June 27.

Quotes from both sides on Dark Habits.

Since i was a child i’ve seen countless films at the cinema and it holds many good memories. I have numerous friends who’ve worked there and i felt part of their staff community back when i worked at the Village Twin cinema in Double Bay through high school and university.  Even though we were competitors we had a gentleman’s agreement that Palace staff could come to Village Twin Double Bay for free films, and we could go to Palace Cinemas. I saw so many films in that time.

I shared my thoughts on the Village Twin closing down back in 2004, and i can imagine the staff past and present of the Academy Twin are feeling similarly.

The cast and director of Animal Kingdom at the Academy Twin, May 25th 2010

Most recently i was at the Academy Twin for the premiere of Animal Kingdom. It was such a perfect venue for it. The theatre, while a bit tumbledown, has a feeling of history and charm, and is far friendlier than the soulless multiplexes of Hoyts and Event Cinemas.

Some of the Animal Kingdom cast onstage at the Academy Twin
Ben Mendelsohn on the red carpet at the Academy Twin

It’s a great shame.


  1. I’m devastated to hear about this coming to pass. So much for Christian charity, eh?

  2. We had a brilliant old theatre down here in Wollongong called the Regent cinema. There was a lot of stiff competition through the late 90’s and early 2000’s from Greater Union and Hoyts, but with support from Wollongong’s noted cinematic bon vivant Harry Waghorn (owner and proprietor of the other classic cinema in Wollongong, the Gala), they stuck through it and cemented themselves as the more popular choice for movie goers.

    Unfortunately, the owner of the Regent passed away and her daughter chose not to continue the business. The regent became a hot property item in the middle of Wollongong and was eventually sold to a bloody new age church (the kind that preaches it’s cool for youngsters to be hip with Jesus). Now it all but sits dormant.

    It was a real loss for me. I saw some great movies at the regent as I grew up, with it’s creaky old chairs and 1940’s music hall decor. It had charm and atmosphere and the legitimacy of a well run movie theatre. They sold choc-tops for #@$%’s sake.

    I recall we all got dressed up in costume to go and see Star Wars: Attack of the Clones at the Regent (’cause how many times are you ever gonna get to do that in life?). The line stretched around the block with lightsaber duels and a party atmosphere. The crowd erupted in cheers as Yoda kicked Dooku’s arse. It was good.

    And then it was gone.

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