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Matamanoa Island as seen from Hipstamatic

Cybele and I have just returned from a lovely week long holiday on the Fijian island of Matamanoa.

Like our last holiday, i hardly took any photos. Since doing photography for a living, holidays have been more of an occasion for downtime, away from the camera, laptop, iphone and distractions of twitter, facebook, email, rss feeds and information overload that’s normal life.

But one occasion when the camera came out was at night, to try and capture the night sky.

One lesson i learned is that you really need a rock solid tripod for this sort of thing. A rickety plastic table isn’t ideal.

And that the world spins remarkably quickly. The stars begin to blur after a 30 second exposure.


    • Hang on, they’re all 7957. The Photo with the tiny orange blur about 3/4’s of the way down. Explosionary!!

      • I know the one you mean. That ghostly blur is actually Cybele’s hair. She wandered into frame while the picture was being taken.

  1. 7957 is really pretty, reminds me of the Band of Horses’ Infinite Arms cover.

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