iPhone tour of the USA

Vegas Luxor

As i mentioned before, on my recent US trip it was a joy to just be on holiday and take happy snaps again. That meant leaving the SLR behind most of the time and just using the iPhone.

As The Awl pointed out the other day, it’s getting a little old hat adding film effects to digital photos. But I like em better this way.

A pitstop on the drive through Big Sur

Cybele conquers the petrified wood
Los Angeles, land of the never ending palm tree
Nevada desert
$2.50 thongs at Walmart
True Blood country in Louisiana
Vegas Luxor
Our first night in New York we saw Tracy Morgan do standup at the Apollo
LA Roosevelt
First taste of the Gulf coast
South Beach Miami
Life is hard

If you shake the iPhone while you shoot things get a little bendy

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  1. Only just started using iPhone again for snapshots, I forgot how much freedom there is in just pulling out the phone at any moment. One of the things I plan to do is return to the USA and trek coast to coast. These kinds of candid shots inspire me to keep that dream going, great job Dan.

    Love the south beach shot!

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