Who We Are wins an ASTRA Award

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Last week a documentary series i worked on called Who We Are won an ASTRA Award for Most Outstanding Documentary. It’s a series of short profiles of seven indigenous Australian artists and is highly deserving of its acclaim. Much credit is due to creator and director Dei El-Ayoubi as well as DOP Tony Luu for making it look so good. And props to Foxtel for funding it too.

Dan Sultan

I’ve posted some of the photos i shot on the project before, but most remained in my archives so i’ve dug some out to share here.

Gina Rings and Soo Yuen You

Gina Rings
Soo Yuen You

Buddy Knox

Buddy Knox

David Page

Dan Sultan

Dan Sultan performs in the Harold Park tram shed

The Medics

Kamahi Djordan King

Kamahi in front of one of his artworks

Kamahi as Constantina Bush
Constantina Bush and the Bushettes performing on stage at The Dreaming Festival
Constantina Bush and Juanita Bushette outside Woodford police station

Constantina and backup dancer Juanita Bushette

Kamahi as Constantina Bush performing at The Dreaming Festival

Rhoda Roberts


  1. I am still blown away by your beautiful work Dan.
    You are so incredibly talented. Can’t wait to work with you again.
    Congratulations as well, hope you and Cyebele enjoyed a magical celebration.
    Love & Respect

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