Florence and the Machine

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Florence and The Machine

It was quite a joy photographing Florence and the Machine this evening in Sydney’s intimate York Theatre at the Seymour Centre.

The Machine
Florence Welch

It’s been some some between shooting live shows for me. It used to be all i did, and i’d do it several nights a week. But i’ve drifted from it. I’ve been put off by the late nights, the restrictions, the “no money” part of it, the silly contracts, and frankly the bands who all start to look the same after a while.

Florence WelchFlorence Welch in Sydney

But Florence brought back the love. A stunning production with great lush and changing light, a dramatic performer who’s not afraid to emote, no contract and the camaraderie of my fellow photographers. We were restricted the the back of the room, but thankfully it was a relatively small venue and i got to shoot a few frames with the 400mm 2.8 lens (thanks Mark!).


  1. Some great intimate shots there Daniel, aided by the stunning lighting no doubt

  2. Daniel

    These are just superb.

    The shot where the the harp is to the left and her dress is swirling are amazing.

    I read your masterclass post on live photography and it was a great support before i did the Electric Picnic festival in 2009.

    Just wondering if the close up shots of Florence are taken with the (canon 70-200 2.8ii is) by any chance?

    Thanks Daniel,

    Andy Goss.

    • Andy, these are nearly all taken with the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens (the original version, not II).
      The third shot down with arms outstretched was taken with the Canon 400mm 2.8 IS.

      • Thanks so much Dan for that information on the lens also thanks for the response via e mail about the studio setup for “bars and their tenders”, its much appreciated.

        Brilliant work and I always look forward to your blog updates.

        Greetings from Ireland.


  3. The night was so incredible! I was front row and all! Depressed as it’s over 🙁

  4. These are great. It must be delightful having such beauty to work with; could take your breath away.

  5. Great photography Daniel, her essence was truly captured in all photos. Love Florence 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos. Would have loved to have been there by the looks of things

  7. just amazing…these would make awesome posters.

  8. These are fantastic. As a Stevie Nicks fan, I can definitely see the inspiration Florence has spoken of. Beautiful.

  9. Gorgeous photos! I’m in awe of the one where she’s arching back and the curve of her body echoes the curve of the harp. And even like a planned painting, all the arms and the guitar neck are pointing to each other and move the eye through the composition. Nice!

  10. Beautiful! I agree with Nasiha-capturing Flos essence you did beautifully!-she looks like a singing goddess.

    • Gorgeous gorgeous , Florence your are amazing and the photos are really special you are one lucky person being there so jealous xoxo bring on next years tour

  11. She wears amazing rings. Photography’s not too bad either Mr Boud

  12. Yes! You are the fab website dan boud! And I hope you had fun at homebake, it was lovely to meet you thru the window – hope you had fun after yr tix were sorted : )

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