Levins: hotdog connoiseur, photobomber extraordinaire

Here’s a picture i did with Levins at his new restaurant The Dip for Time Out Sydney. The Dip’s signature is Lev’s Dawg, a hot-dog which he proudly holds here.

Among his many talents, Levins is a master in the art of the photobomb. A photobomb is defined by Urban Dictionary as “an otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph.”

Because of this talent, i figured it would be funny to get him to photobomb himself for his Time Out portrait.

Here’s a collection of some of his photobombs from his website. They’re all by Patrick Stevenson from Hobogestapo.

And for those who may think Levins is new to the world of the hot-dog, here’s a snap i took of him back in 2005, when he was even more babyfaced than today.

Levins was manning the sausage sizzle at an instore performance by Macromantics at the now defunct Gifted Records store in Surry Hills.

His ‘dawgs’ may be a little more refined these days but it’s evidently through years of practice.