PR photography for fun and profit

I was glad to get a moment with Luke for a more interesting portrait like this

Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun last night at the PlayStation Vita launch event

I don’t post much of the photography here that i shoot for public relations companies. For whatever reason PR photography is looked down upon compared to editorial or commercial work. And often the photography can be fairly pedestrian, lots of socials, overt branding and b grade celebs – but i’m lucky enough to shoot some quality and fun PR events from time to time.

So here’s a bit of a wrap of things i’ve shot the last couple of weeks.

Last night was the launch of PlayStation Vita on a floating bar on Sydney Harbour with Empire of the Sun DJs aka Luke Steele and his wife Jodie.

Emperor Steele + PS Vita branding = happy client


I was glad to get a moment with Luke for a more interesting portrait like this
Guests enjoy the fireworks and Empire of the Sun DJ set at the PS Vita launch on Sydney Harbour
PS Vita promo staff test out the product
The Island - the floating bar guests were on
Maude Garrett and Stephanie Bendixsen aka Hex from Good Game

And it was more outdoorsy fun last weekend in Manly for some photos for Destination NSW who were keen to engage their Facebook audience.

Beachgoers at the Australian Open of Surfing in Manly

Fans watching bluejuice at the Australian Open of Surfing Manly
Some people got quite creative with their beach photo with surfboard
Just your regular fan in the crowd
Game of Thrones cake

Also last week was an extraordinary dinner to promote the DVD release of Game of Thrones. Held at Gastro Park, chef Grant King concocted a four course meal inspired by the tv series.

Grant King preps the main course in the kitchen
Roasted chunk of wild pig served on Heart tree log, alongside roasted stone fruits of the Godswood forest.
Pigs heads fresh from the oven
Grant King splats down part of the dessert course
Liquid gold poured over a dragon egg for dessert. Dragon eggs feature a sprayed chocolate shell with a liquid passionfruit and vanilla centre. Served on an edible earth of dark chocolate mud, white chocolate clay, gold nuggets, vanilla and buttermilk nitro rock and crumbed shortbread. Drizzled with a golden orange curd.
Grant King explains the meal

There’s some coverage of the event and details how you can book in for it yourself at Time Out and the SMH.

And finally another food related shoot for Merivale. It’s to promote a dinner they’re hosting at est. by four three-hatted chefs, Peter Gilmore from Quay, Mark Best from Marque, Peter Doyle from est. and Martin Benn from Sepia.

Peter Gilmore, Mark Best, Peter Doyle and Martin Benn