In Synthesis artist portraits for adidas Originals

The zine presented to guests at the preview dinner

I had the pleasure of taking portraits of five female artists for a zine to accompany a gallery show called In Synthesis. It was curated by Joseph Allen Shea, presented by adidas Originals, produced by Little Hero and celebrated female artists and the communities they create.

What follows is some pages of the zine, some out-takes of portraits that didn’t make it, plus some pictures of the preview dinner and opening night.

Angela and Alice from Even Books photographed at Angela’s home.
Even Books artistic contribution to the show.
Kate Mitchell photographed in The Former Paramount Building that hosted the show
Kate Mitchell up a tree
Kate Mitchell up a ladder
One of Kate’s two works in the show
Nell and Bec Machine
I photographed Nell at her studio in Kings Cross. I turned up AC/DC’s Back in Black really loud and just asked her to rock out.
Nell and Bec Machine’s performance consisted of Bec jamming out ear splitting guitar riffs while Nell peacefully meditated on the Marsha amp
The audience takes it in
Kevina-Jo Smith photographed at her Leura home and studio
Kevina and her bunny rabbit
Kevina at home, wearing one of her knitted pieces
Kevina’s artwork in the gallery
Parachutes for Ladies photographed in Potts Point
Jess Olivieri and a stand-in Hayley Forward
The balaclavas served two purposes. To demonstrate solidarity with Pussy Riot and for practical purposes as one half of the duo was interstate – so she enlisted a masked stand-in.
Bianca Chang in her Surry Hills home
Bianca had a lovely apartment, which was small but had a large window that overlooked the back alley
Bianca Chang
The opening night crowd

Full credits for the show:

all originals represent


Female Artist Collectives and Collaborators

The Kingpins
Kate Mitchell
Chicks on Speed
Agatha Gothe-Snape
Bianca Chang & UTS Students
Even Books
Kevina-Jo Smith
Nell & Bec Machine
Jess Olivieri and Hayley Forward with The Parachutes for Ladies
With unified action and a space for exploration IN SYNTHESIS celebrate women in art and the communities they create. Curated by Joseph Allen Shea

Show runs until Sunday the 2nd September
Gallery hours Fri/Sat 11-5pm, Sun 11-3pm


adidas Originals is proud to present IN SYNTHESIS, a group exhibition curated by Joseph Allen Shea exploring the strength of young female artists working in creative collectives and collaborations.

Joseph Allen Shea is a Sydney-based independent curator, writer and artist, known for his roaming project space GALLERY A.S and previous work at Monster Children gallery.

The all-female line-up will showcase work from collectives and collaborative efforts, championing the adidas Originals #represent campaign. IN SYNTHESIS will celebrate women in art and the communities they create, inspire and enhance.

IN SYNTHESIS will exhibit work from The Kingpins, Kate Mitchell (Greedy Hen), Chicks on Speed, Even Books, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Parachutes for Ladies, Bianca Chang and UTS students, Kevina Jo-Smith and Nell and Bec Machine.

Like the partnerships that spawned the work, the exhibition acts as if an alloy; the unification of ideas and persons being stronger than the sum of each part.

The works presented are as ambitious, diverse and energetic as their creators. Progressive installations, performance, kinetic sculpture, video and dance will create a living, breathing show of colour and movement. adidas Originals promotes the idea of connecting within a community, and representing as one.