Time Out photo update June 2012

Kate Mulvany

Irish Breakfast at 4Fourteen

It’s been a while since i’ve posted photos i’ve taken for Time Out Sydney, so here’s a big dump of various things i’ve shot for the past few issues.

You can click each image for the associated Time Out story.

David Abram aka Smokey LaBeef from Freda's
Gay and Serving
Corporal Brychan Hawker
DJ Nic Scali on Sydney Harbour
Time Out writer Erin Moy en route to photograph Nic Scali (above). If only all shoots were this glamorous.
Ash and Andy
Hellen Rose
Ex Sydney Writer's Festival Artistic Director Chip Rolley
Milky Way dessert at Tomislav
The Rum and Cider bar at Hotel Steyne Manly
I braved hundreds of bees to shoot James Hird with the beehives at Wine Library
Kate Mulvany
Finalists for the Time Out Taste Test
Three Blue Ducks
Paddington Arms Hotel
Belgrave Cartel
Daniel Puskas and Jimmy Parry at Sixpenny
Vivian Tan will represent Australia in Table Tennis at the Olympics
Simon Stone, Toby Schmitz and Emily Barclay at White Rabbit Gallery
Simon Stone directs Emily Barclay and Toby Schmitz in Strange Interlude at Belvoir Theatre
Sonja Porturica and Felix Lara teach Zumba classes
Yana Novak at Madame Tussauds
Photographing Yana at Madame Tussauds was one of weirdest and funniest assignments i've had in a while
Yana Novak
The Fish Shop
Zac Pauling, the Chef at The Anchor
The Anchor in Bondi
Jack Thompson and Sandy Gore
Colin Friels in Death of a Salesman
Shannon Murphy and co.
Pamela Rabe
Ronni Kahn of OzHarvest
Grounds of Alexandria
The chooks of Grounds of Alexandria
Bondi Hipsters
Bondi Hipsters
Bird and Bear Boathouse
Cocktails at Button Bar
Belvoir Theatre B Street
Adam Ant
Anthony Perosh UFC Fighter
Bucket List
Palmer and Co