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Sarah Blasko

I’m going to be on FBI Radio tonight, during a show called The Bridge from 8pm. I’ll be playing some tunes from Sydney bands – mainly ones i’ve photographed lately such as Belles Will Ring, Dappled Cities Fly, Sarah Blasko and more. I’ll also be talking about taking photos, even though radio isn’t really the best medium for that. I’ve never been on radio before so i hope i don’t make an idiot of myself.

Tomorrow Matt Booy and I head to Newcastle to talk about music photography as part of Newcastle Music Week. At 1.30pm we’ll be in Newcastle City Hall yacking away about photography and showing some pictures. If you’re in the area please come along and ask us questions.

There’s a number of other good speakers tomorrow including Sarah Norris, editor of Drum Media talking about music journalism and Paula Jones, who’s the publicist for events like Homebake talking about generating publicity. See the full lineup.

Sarah Blasko


  1. that top blasko pic is a ripper! i’d better get back to sorting pics for talk….

  2. Would love to hear the Newcastle gig if you manage to record it.

  3. Record it? Like Podcast style? I didn’t even think about that. I think it’ll be a bit shambolic for that, plus it probably won’t make much sense without the visuals. But if it does get recorded i’ll post the details here.

  4. Haha I enjoyed listening to you. I had no idea you were coming on then all of a sudden I heard your name mentioned and my ears pricked up! It was quite interesting and you definitely didn’t make an idiot of yourself. By the way, I think that was the best collection of songs The Bridge has ever played. Well done. My only disappointment is that my image of the site being pronounced like the religious monks has been shattered! Oh well, I’ll get over it.

  5. Ha! Yes, i think most people presume it’s pronounced like buddhist, with an american twang. But i don’t mind either way really.
    Glad someone was listening.

  6. Oh and in case anyone’s interested, the songs i played on FBI were:
    Mad Love – Belles Will Ring
    Within Hours – Dappled Cities Fly
    [Explain] – Sarah Blasko
    Priscilla – Pinky Tuscadero
    My Love is Stronger Than Your Love – Red Riders
    The Spaces Between – Expatriate
    I had a few more ready, but those are the ones that we had time for.
    I must also thank the host Lee Tran and the producer for making it all relaxed and easy.

  7. Cool talk today Dan, got some good info out of it.. You guys had some funny stories too, damn Matt’s a character..

  8. You and Matt were great at the Photography session today! Re-justified my time spent going to the music week this year, especially after guitar-shredding with ‘Snake’. Prossably because you didn’t spend most of your time trying to tell everyone how good you are. So thanks for the session, had to leave early for transport but I bet the rest of it was goodus. See you next year, I’ve got Sarah’s Don’t Dream It’s Over in my head now.

  9. Thanks for the comments, and to those who were at the talk in Newcastle yesterday.
    Amanda – my surname rhymes with cloud or loud.

  10. omg im so sorry daniel.
    ive been mispronouncing your name this whole time.
    lucky i never got the opportunity to introduce you to anyone! haha

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