Leaving Las Vegas for NYC

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Winners are grinners

I’ve touched down in New York City on the final leg of my USA tour. Like last time i was here, i’m being graciously hosted by Jamie Boud, this time also sharing his place with Deborah and two cats.

Shock and Awe

Not only is it good staying with Jamie because he’s good company and has a sweet warehouse apartment in Brooklyn, but he also documents my travel for me via his blog. He’s got acute powers of observation and recollection.

Las Vegas was great fun and unusually sedate. I was staying with locals, so I used the opportunity to catch up on rest following a particularly hectic time in Austin.

Don't be scared

I felt like i was living someone else’s life though, cruising around with Nat in her Porsche. I never imagined i’d be cruising down the Vegas strip in a convertible. Well, i did imagine it, but never thought it’d happen. She took me to the older part of Vegas where these photos were taken. It’s an arcade where the roof fills with light and animations every hour.

Lights of Fremont St

I was more interested in the people watching the spectacle rather than the cheesy show.

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  1. I’ve never been much of a gambler myself, but when I’ve found myself at casinos, or similar larger-than-life, spectacular places (like Disney World), I too have had just as much fun, if not more, people watching. They’re often more fascinating than their surroundings.

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