Australian Acts at SXSW

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As usual Airborne put on a great show to a packed out crowd. There were quite a few locals headbanging along – and Joel did his usual thing of jumping on the bar and playing his guitar along it.

Aussie acts at SXSW

I didn’t manage to catch Dallas Crane play but i did see them at an Aussie get together with free drinks.

Youth Group

This was Youth Group at a great open air venue on Cedar St. They’re quite popular over here and played a number of well received shows.

Aussie acts at SXSW

Spod and Andy Clockwise cutting sick at the Aussie BBQ.


Macromantics among the crowd at a daytime gig. I can spot Travis Bigstereo in the background of this shot.

Josh Pyke

Josh Pyke was actually in a much better mood than this photo would suggest. He’d just found out his album had debuted at number 4 in the ARIA chart.

Children Collide

Children Collide played a great gig on the opening night.


I’d never seen Mink before but was impressed. They’ve got an ex INXS Rockstar contestant on vocals and he’s got all the rock moves down.

the presets at Beauty bar

The Presets pulled a big crowd on the Beauty Bar patio. They seem to have a lot of local fans after a number of US tours.


My faves Expatriate played before Children Collide on the opening night at Red 7.

Aussie acts at SXSW

Dinner with the Dappled clan and Josh Pyke at Boiling Pot.


  1. Great coverage Dan, have enjoyed all the updates with the goings ons over there! Have an awesome rest of trip.

  2. Dan, love seeing your photos, they are great! Its still mind blowing to see how far you have come…What a great scene SXSW is eh?

  3. you know i love your photos, and will always have a place in my heart for you dan…but do you reckon you could pass on my info to josh pyke? ive never seen him looking quite so spiffy before…

  4. Awesome coverage Dan! Looking forward to catching up over a beer and hearing some of your tales first hand!

  5. Dammit Dan!! Dinner with Dappled and Josh – stop living out my fantasies 🙂
    Loved the viewpoint of that Youth Group shot too by the way!

  6. hey dan, do you crop and post-process in photoshop or are most of your pictures shot as is? if its the latter, you have some great reflexes and a good eye!

  7. These shots are all as is – no crops and not really any photoshop to speak of.

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