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The Divinyls


Here’s some photos from Homebake 2007. The day was headlined by the Divinyls on the main stage and Pnau on the Dome stage. Both acts put on fantastic sets, which was a surprising since they’ve both been off the performing circuit for a while. Chrissie Amphlett still has all the moves as a frontwoman and was a joy to watch.

Nick Littlemore of Pnau

Elton John’s new favourite act Pnau still has it too, revving the crowd up with a pretty spectacular live show.

Homebake Festival 2007

Some of the other acts on the all Aussie (and the odd Kiwi) lineup included Cut Copy, Belles Will Ring, Sarah Blasko, Angus and Julia Stone, Missy Higgins, Paul Dempsey, Missy Higgins and Scribe.

Belles Will RingHomebake Festival 2007
Cut Copy
Julia StoneHomebake Festival 2007
Paul Dempsey
Missy Higgins

See more in the Homebake 2007 gallery.


  1. nice pics again mate.. i’m still astounded by the difference in colours between you and me.. i’m not sure whether it’s a camera settings thing or a 5D vs 40D thing but your colours just seem to come out quite different to me.. what colour profile are you using?

  2. Adam – good to meet you the other week. Yep, those high shots were from the ferris wheel.
    Lucky – i just shoot jpg and use the standard colour profile. I dial down the saturation a bit to counter the stage light.

  3. hmm, me too with the jpg, but my saturation is always +1 or +2. i didn’t realise it’d make this much of a difference though.
    cheers for sharing. 😉

  4. Hi Dan, awesome concert pics, as always. Great work and a source of inspiration for myself. Cheers from Venezuela.

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