In the woods with Midnight Juggernauts

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I did a photo shoot with Midnight Juggernauts on Thursday night. These are a couple of offcuts, i’ll post the proper shots later once they’re approved.

The elements were stacked against us.

We were shooting at night in the pitch black of Centennial Park without a permit.

The band were only available for a short window of time between their soundcheck and when they were due on stage.

To top it off, it started pouring with rain while we were outdoors in the park with expensive lights.

Not ideal conditions, but the band are such gentleman and remained in jovial spirits which kept us going.

In the end none of the gear was damaged, the band made their show on time and the shots worked out fine.

All’s well that ends well.



  1. Give those buggers a hug for me.
    And one for you too. X

  2. luv Juggernauts!!!
    and of course ur piks!!! pure inspiration::.
    Cheers from Bklyn:.

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