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Josh Pyke with his ARIA

Here’s some photos from the Aria Awards nominations announcement this morning at the Sydney Theatre in Walsh Bay.

There was 5 awards given out today (called the ‘Artisan’ awards) – the rest are given out at the main ceremony on October 28.

Above is Josh Pyke, who was awarded the Best Production Aria alongside Wayne Connolly.

Aria Awards

A group shot of all the nominees present at the announcement.


The ever beaming Patience from The Grates, nominated for best music DVD.

Aria Awards

Airbourne, ready to duke it out after being nominated for Best Rock Album and Breakthrough Artist – Album.

Ben King of Expatriate

Ben King, representing Expatriate who were nominated for Breakthrough Artist – Album.


  1. cool portraits, Dan. Ben King looks like he’s just come from a day job selling real estate… I thought they were a bit more rock than that

  2. Ben King looks like he’s just come from a day job selling real estate…”
    Welcome to the world of rock in 2007.
    This whole soft style over substance thing has to end at some point

  3. And do Airbourne actually have any other poses then that same old ‘we are such tough bogans’?
    Y A W N

  4. Haha! Tough bogan pose is the way forward that’s how I pose for every photo although normally I’m eating glass and at the same time driving my Holden 6L v8 with my feet….. That’s how tough I am. Tell’em Dan!

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