Time Out November update

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Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett at the launch of the Sydney Theatre Company 2008 season.

The Time Out Sydney juggernaut rolls on with our third weekly edition in newsagents today. It’s the magazine with a barbecue chicken with a VB can up it’s rear on the cover.

Martin Sharp

Artist Martin Sharp at home in front of his portrait of David Gulpilil.

It’s hard work putting out a weekly magazine that’s so crammed with content, which explains the lack of time and energy to blog so often. But here’s a small selection of some of the portraits that have run in the past few issues.

Yiorgos Zafiriou

Artist Yiorgos Zafirou whose latest work has been exploring body modification.

Working on a weekly, with multiple assignments every day you learn to work very quickly, with little time for preparation or fancy lighting set ups. It’s all just natural light or my little flash. But i like working like that, fast and spontaneous.


Singer and performer Iota has just been cast as Frank-N-Furter in a 14 month season of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Brian Martinez

Brian Martinez is the head Chef at Opera Bar and is tattooed with the figures of patron saints of dining.

Mark Best

Mark Best of Marque restaurant is known for his experimentations with food. Here he mixes a ham jelly with pea snow.

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall was in Sydney promoting his show Dexter. This shot was taken at a special dinner Time Out hosted for him.


  1. Fantastic mate! Your portrait portfolio is going to be full to bursting really nice shots. Martin Sharp was in one of the photos I saw recently in Hyde park I think – was he?
    Thanks for sponsoring my tash as well mate.
    Go Movember!

  2. All so fabulous Daniel.
    Its great to see that the Time Out job is working out for you.
    BTW, shooting in Glebe today were we? 😛

  3. I had no idea Michael C Hall was coming to Oz – I love him SO MUCH! Was he lovely?

  4. @Rhys – a keen eye you have. A portrait of Martin Sharp was in that Hyde Park show, the shot was taken in the same spot as mine as it turns out.
    @Amanda – did you spot me in Glebe? You should have said hello!
    @enny – Yes Michael C. Hall was charming and a very good dinner guest. I still don’t feel like i know what he’s really like though.

  5. hehe
    i would have but i was in my car. driving along glebe point road and caught a man wielding a camera out of the corner of my eye and then i realised it was you hehe

  6. you shot dexter????????
    fucking cool!!!!!!
    did he get all morid on you and shit?
    see you round soon bro 😉

  7. That’s a lovely portrait of Cate Blanchett. She’s usually all serious, posing and glassy eyed in pics. What made her laugh?? Good snapping!

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