New York farewell

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An affair to remember

I’m leaving today.

It’s been a wild ride these past few weeks. San Francisco, Austin, Las Vegas, New York. It feels like i’ve been away so long, yet when i get home i know it’ll soon feel like i never left.

new york

The bat cave where i’ve been residing with the gentlemanly Jamie and divine Deborah. They are most gracious hosts.

new york

Last night i met up with Dockmaster and Hog. They took me on a bar crawl through Brooklyn. They introduced me to this gambling dice game. This shot was taken after Dockmaster rolled a perfect score and took all my money.

new york

Grace and Nick at Artland on another night spent up to the wee hours.

new york

Cut Off Your Hands outside Pianos where they played two nights in a row. I took more photos of them which i’ll post later.

new york

Cut Off Your Hands playing at a loft party on the Lower East Side. So many trendy New Yorkers here i felt like i’d walked into Last Nights Party.

new york

I was on the subway several times a day. Fascinating people watching.

More pictures to come.

I have to pack my bags and catch a plane.

After flying to LA and getting another flight to Sydney i’ll arrive at 6am on Saturday. After a brief rest and reunion with Cybele it’ll be off to V Festival for more picture taking.


  1. hey dan, lovely to see these pics. i’m feeling very nostalgic for nyc and ready for another visit but am stuck in melbs for a few more months finishing the phud. it looks like you’ve had an amazing time in the us. i’m really happy for you.

  2. dan, let me just say i am loving your photos all the time.
    The top one here looks a little sinister. Did that bald man throw that lady off?

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