Miss Pole Dance 2008

A few weeks ago i had the pleasure of spending some time backstage at Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008.

Miss Pole Dance

Evidently pole dancing isn’t the sleazy underground pursuit it once was, with this event held at the 2000 capacity Enmore Theatre with most of the audience made up of women.

Behind the scenes it was relatively calm; lots of stretching, listening to iPods, doing hair and make-up and spraying of thighs with hairspray.

The winner of Miss Pole Dance Australia was Felix Cane from Perth.

Felix Cane

Follow the link from Time Out Sydney for a slideshow with over 50 more photos.


  1. Hehe, another Perth winner. 🙂
    Gosh, how did they feel about being photographed backstage… Too busy to care like backstage at fashion shows? Or was it fine anyways?

  2. Quite amazing photos Dan, Miss Felix Cane certainly is in shape. Wowsers!
    Was the spraying of thighs with hairspray to give the legs a slight shimmer or to add extra purchase when sliding down the pole? Or maybe both….
    Please enlighten me!

  3. The hairspray is to add friction and stickiness to the thighs, so they grip the pole better.

  4. Aaha. Thanks Dan. That’s where I’ve been going wrong! I’ll swap the vaseline for hairspray and my pole dancing career should be back on track!
    What was I thinking!
    Thanks mate.

  5. dude you know what I’m talking about! soy desole

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