Embracing crappy photography

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So i got an iPhone. It lives up to my very high expectations. And with Australian telco’s finally offering sensible data plans it’s relatively affordable.

As well as installing lots of apps, syncing calendars and contacts, surfing the web and listening to podcasts – i’ve been enjoying taking crappy iPhonecam photos and posting them to my twitter. It’s very easy with twitterific which integrates seamlessly with twitpic.

It makes a nice change from the pressure of taking photos with a proper camera.


  1. I’ve also enjoyed taking photos with my iPhone (my god, it’s terrible, so much worse than my 3-year-old Sony Ericsson k750i) and uploading them to Facebook. I think there’s a bit of an art to making that crappy sensor yield good shots, to play up to the aesthetic.

  2. It’s all about the ease of liveblogging. Pity you can’t send the photos via SMS.
    Either way, I love my iPhone a lot too.

  3. I got one this week also, why it took me this long I will never know. The plans on virgin seem decent, I’m getting screwed on Telstra ba bow.

  4. Will say I lust after the ease of posting & emailing photos via the iPhone …
    I wish more DSLRs had more wifi connectivity .. The whole process of …..
    -remove card
    -insert in to firewire card reader
    -open finder
    -select new images
    -drag / copy to folder on the desktop
    -eject the card …
    -Wait make sure card ejected
    -remove card from firewire card reader
    -open lightroom or other DAM
    -select files to import photos into Lightroom
    -find the proper folder
    -Wait for renderings to complete
    ………. & all of this is done with client Waiting
    Not exactly sure how this would be streamlined exactly USB tethering via Nikon Apple is slow as is the expensive wireless transmitter & lightroom watched folder was broke last I tried
    Mabe wifi some medium resolution jpegs to a folder on the desktop ….

  5. Russian hackers ahoy! Lets be honest, the main use of the PhoneCams is to take photos of tits. The main use of PhoneVideo is to take a poor quality videos of fellatio and to send to friends.

  6. hehehe – gotta love the lone elevator self portrait 😉
    Welcome to the fold mate 🙂

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