Wolfmother at Splendour

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Last show ever? That’s if you believe the rumours.


Their headlining Splendour show was excellent and the crowd loved it. But one can’t help but feel they’re treading water, playing much the same set as when they played Splendour two years ago. And the same songs as when they played at Candy’s Apartment over 4 years ago.


Other acts like The Vines, The Grates and The Presets have all had new albums in that time, and it made their sets all the more entertaining and relevant.


There is something rotten in the state of Wolfmother – and whether that manifests itself in disbanding, a line-up change, or an indefinite hiatus has yet to be revealed.

UPDATE (7/8/08) : So it’s now official Chris and Myles are leaving the band – Andrew continues the Wolfmother name.


  1. Maybe they just need Black Sabbath and Led Zep to release new albums before they can finish theirs off…
    I didn’t stick around for the whole set but when saw them at GoMA in April they did play a few new songs and murder Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’. But as you’ve said it’s largely the same set as they’ve been playing for 4 years and having seen them at SITG 2008, Andy Warhol exhib, Falls 2006, SITG 2006, Falls 2005, Homebake 2005 and bottom of the bill at the Hoey in May 2004 it just sounds very tired now.
    Great photos as usual and good to meet you over the w/e.

  2. I really like the last photo – especialy the composition where the guitarist is to the right of the shot instead of being in the middle. Also I like the expression, as if in the middle of a performance he is mentally a thousand miles away. This is enhanced by the light on his head which gives a sort of halo effect.
    The colours are great as well – the graduation from gold on the right across to purple on the left.

  3. As what is a relatively new band in the grand scheme of things it must get boring not playing any new songs FOR 4 YEARS!
    Maybe one of them could learn the flute and they could start ripping off Jethro Tull as well? I could imagine the lead singer blowing on a flute!

  4. The band will be breaking up.
    Chris and Miles can’t stand Stockdale, and it’s been that way for a long time now… Those lads are over touring, over the music and will definitely jump ship for something a bit more cerebral soon…
    That’s why Stockdale has apparently been recording all new material himself…

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