Photo catch up

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  1. I really dig that one of Wil Anderson. Doesn’t go down the oft-trodden route of amping up the ‘crazy/wacky/zany’ side of the subject like so many comedian portraits.
    Plus I just really like Wil Anderson full stop, however socially unacceptable that is these days, haha.

  2. I also really like the one of Wil… but what time of the morning was it for the roads to be so quiet! Also love the COurtney Act shots.

  3. hey dan, you had to get pretty close to get a head and shoulder portrait with the 50/5D combo. do those shots become awkward at times?

  4. That tree one is very Gregory Crewdson. All you need is someone staring blanky at the tree and a dead dog nearby or something equally inexplicable.

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