The Edgerton brothers shoot each other

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Last month i was due to take some snaps of brothers Nash and Joel Edgerton for Time Out as part of the publicity campaign for The Square. Nash directed the film, Joel co-wrote and stars in it.

As is usually the case with these sorts of press junkets, the two of them had been cooped up in a hotel room, doing back to back interviews all day long. I had a brief slot to take a few pictures and couldn’t take them out of the room.

To break the tedium for Nash and Joel, and for my own amusement, i asked them to photograph each other, rather than me shoot them.

I figured that they’re brothers and the photos they take of each other would reveal more about them and their relationship than another staged photo where they look self consciously down the lens.

So i set the camera up (with my 50mm lens of course) and handed it over, then sat back on the couch and giggled as they goofed around.


For safety I snapped a quick shot at the end of the two of them together.


  1. Great idea, Dan … and great results, too. If you haven’t seen The Square, make sure you too. It’s a cracker.

  2. PS. I think it’s worth noting that Joel is out of focus on purpose in that second last one.

  3. Fantastic idea!
    Would have been lots of fun.
    People are far more creative when they’re comfortable.
    The out-of-focus-Joel-with-Harbour-Bridge-in-background is by far my favourite.

  4. Interesting that your “safety” shot kicks theirs to the kerb. They took fun pictures but not really very compelling ones.

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