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Elizabeth Ann Macgregor

Elizabeth Ann MacGregor, director of the MCA in Sydney.

For last weeks issue of Time Out Sydney we assembled a ‘Style Council‘ of people to give us their take on what makes Sydney tick.

It was a fun feature to shoot, even if it was rather hectic pinning these people down.

Philip Cox

Philip Cox, founder of the COX architecture firm in his office on Clarence St.

Liane Rossler

Liane Rossler, founder of Dinosaur Designs, in her office in Surry Hills.

Wu Brothers

The Wu clan, one part PopFrenzy, two parts Incu.

Dan Single and George Gorrow

Dan Single and George Gorrow of Ksubi in their Surry Hills HQ.


Stephen Pavlovic aka Pav, founder and top dog at Modular Records.

Tanya Stevanovic

Tanya Stevanovic, owner of Pretty Dog, the renowned clothing boutique in Newtown.

Jess Scully

Jess Scully, editor of Summer Winter and Empty magazines and all round over achiever.

Cybele was also in the feature, but fittingly she took her own portrait.


  1. I really like these photos! I love the colours and the tone set in them. My favourite would have to be of Tanya Stevanovic. There’s something a bit mischievous and knowing about the look on her face. I quite like The Wu Clan too. They’re just like beaming without trying to look cool. Well, the guy in the middle is at least!

  2. Great work Dan. I don’t want to make you give up any secrets but aside from all the photographic/details stuff – what do you find works for you when setting these up? do you quiz the subject about what they do in a usual day and then get some inspiration from that to provide some neat visuals (and then stack up all the pencils like the Philip Cox one) or do you just grab shots as they come? i’d imagine some come together easier than others..?

  3. Hey Pete,
    I’m happy to share all secrets. For all these shoots i had pretty much no idea what to expect when i turned up at their workplace. I usually have such little time that i have to do a very quick survey of the area and choose a couple of spots that could work for a picture.
    With the Cox picture i just noticed his pencils were on his desk like that, the rest of the office was pretty drab. I didn’t even have to move much. It was appropriate because he said he’s pretty old school and doesn’t use computers for his plans, he still likes the old pencil and paper ways.

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