Shooting beer


Shooting products is not something i particularly enjoy, but i have to do it a lot for work and this week was no exception. We reviewed over 50 different beers and i had to shoot each of them.

It’s harder than it looks and it took some experimenting before i settled on a setup i liked.

Behind the scenes on a beer bottle product shot

I thought some people might be curious to see behind the scenes. Click on the photo for the notes on Flickr.


  1. nice final shot. One little trick I know of is to rub the best before date off the bottle with metho before shooting (saves on some retouching 🙂

  2. Hey Dan.
    I shoot product on occasion myself and seem to have a tough time holding the edges as they tend to blow out a bit with a white background.
    What do you do to address this and was your reflector board white (it looks black in this shot)

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