Peaches live at the Enmore Theatre


Here’s some photos of Peaches from her gig at The Enmore Theatre last night.


She’s a great performer, always great fun to photograph.


It was back in 2003 i first chanced upon a gig of hers in the room next to The Metro.

With statuesque beautiful blonde dancers waving strap on prosthetic penises it was love at first sight.

She’s curtailed some of the excesses of her early shows, but it’s still a fun, explicit, confrontational performance.



  1. Haha how much FUN was she to shoot. I managed to snap her at Parklife Brissy. With your shots and the ones coming from Adelaide and Perth, I was ready for the jump!

  2. I always go to gigs that will be more fun to shoot. That’s why I went to see the Twits so many times in Melbourne. Melbourne band Brothel are finally getting another gig after 2 years of being banned for their antics, should be a good one as they have about 20 people on stage at once and a man wearing three strap-ons on various parts of his body. I do remember buying a roast chicken for Fred Negro the last time I saw them play also.

  3. Hey,
    They gals you shot are performance collective WHAT MAKES MEN BLUSH.

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