Sydney’s Apocalyptic Red Dawn

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Sydney's Red Dawn

Like all Sydneysiders i awoke this morning to the most intense red glow beaming into my bedroom window.

Sydney's Red Dawn

A quick look out the window then a look online confirmed that a dust storm of epic proportions had enveloped Sydney.

Sydney's Red Dawn

While the comfort of bed tempted me, the photographer in me decided to head out the door and take some pictures.

Sydney's Red Dawn

Starting on Parramatta Rd, i took a cab down to Circular Quay to shoot some pictures of Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House shrouded in red dust.

Sydney's Red Dawn

Sydney's Red DawnSydney's Red DawnSydney's Red DawnSydney's Red DawnSydney's Red DawnSydney's Red DawnSydney's Red DawnSydney's Red Dawn

There’s been no Photoshop editing of the colour of these shots, it really was that bizarre changing hue.

As you’d expect, twitter went nuts with tweets about the red morning.

Here’s some faves from my contacts:

  • @AndyCatch: Today’s weather: Cloudy, slight chance of the Apocalypse Now.
  • @inertiamusic: Props to the dude riding through the dust on his skateboard, while sparking up a durry. Lungs are for sissies.
  • @SimonThomsen: If anyone sees Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck & Fred Astaire wandering around Sydney today, take the hint…
  • @spodemonic: National Asthmatic day off work day #reddawn #bobhawke
  • @libby_lancaster: whoa sydney — easy on the fake tan!


  1. Found your photos through twitter.
    Im from Melbourne.
    Absolutely beautiful in a really bizarre way.

    Amelia (Twitter: Amelia_R)

  2. Daniel awesome photos you’re amazing & someone who’s work I admire!

    Gerry from Brisvegas

  3. Amazing shots, especially the dog. All hand held?

  4. These are amazing. I expect to see the bizarre symmetrical one hanging on canvas in Hyde Park one day soon. See you in a week.

  5. I spent about 90 minutes shooting this up in Brisbane and have smelt nothing much except dust ever since.

  6. I too woke up to the strange orange glow across Sydney and foolishly didnt take any pictures I thought it was the effects of a bushfire!

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