Shooting the shooter

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I’ve been on holidays the past few weeks, taking in Kersey, London, Amsterdam, Dortmund, Cologne, Berlin, Athens and Milos.

Oddly i found that i didn’t have the desire to shoot much. So it’s probably one of my least photographed holidays ever, but one of the most enjoyable.

When i met up with Cybele in Greece and saw her enthusiasm for taking photos it inspired me to do the same.

But it mainly ended up just me taking pictures of her taking pictures.




I’m back in Sydney now, trying to hold onto that post holiday glow and enjoy the early mornings while i’m still jetlagged.


  1. I’m a bit the same when I go on holidays – I don’t take nearly as many photos as I think I would. For me though, I guess it’s becuase I’m usually with my non-photographer partner and I feel guilty about boring her with constant stop-compose-shoot, so most things I do shoot are kind of on the run.

  2. awwwwww – ain’t that cute 😉

    Cyb’s still in the UK atm? (via her tweets)

  3. Such gorgeous photos, I love the one of Cyb and the red door. Looks like an awesome trip.

  4. I would be more interested in taking photos of people anyway. Just buy the postcards of the landmarks, that’s what they are for.

    I would make an exception for the restaurant in Japan that has monkey waiters, saw a video of it on Facebook.

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