Creative Sydney 2010

In Documentary Photography

Here’s some of my photos of Creative Sydney at the MCA over the past week and a bit. I dropped in several times to catch the various presentations, panels, performances and parties.

It was loads of fun and an excellent way to bring Sydney’s disparate creative communities together.

I was photographing for Creative Sydney.

Jess Scully - Artistic Director of Creative Sydney warping to a new dimension
Jamie Nimmo and Alex Fry with their 3D camera
Das Monkies
The Paper Scissors
Rapid Response
Painting over the graffiti wall

Local Talent, Global Market discussion panel

Yiying Lu and Prue Lewington at their photobooth
Dominic Thurbon addresses the crowd
Dancing to Cloud Control

Toy Death

There’s lots of good videos and podcasts to digest over on the Creative Sydney tumblr.

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  1. I love that shot of Jess Scully – and I’m stoked to have made it onto Boudist

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