Backstage at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

A model gets her hair and makeup finished

Last week i photographed behind the scenes at a number of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week shows for Little Hero PR.

It’s a pretty fun gig, shooting models and hanging out with photographer buddies. A lot of my brief was shooting sponsorship stuff but i snapped some frames for my own interest in between.

I made a gallery of some of my photos and there’s some samples below.

Romance Was Born

Romance Was Born designer's Luke and Anna overlook a rehearsal for their show at Mitchell Library

Alex from Hobo Gestapo shoots Louise Van Der Vorst dressed in Romance Was Born

Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett from Romance Was Born

The Australian Youth Choir backstage before singing The Never Ending Story


Gail Sorronda

Alice McCall

A model's light reading while she gets her makeup done

Therese Rawsthorne

Carl Kapp

Kate Sylvester

Stolen Girlfriend’s Club

See more in my fashion week gallery and check out coverage from my photo comrades at Hobogestapo and Yimmy Yayo. Those guys knocked it out of the park with their unique perspective on things.


  1. wow, great shots! i’m studying across from the overseas passenger terminal and i can tell you, whenever i saw models outside the building they were never looking as enthusiastic as this! nice work!

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