Daniel Henshall from Snowtown

In Portrait Photography

A few weeks ago i photographed actor Daniel Henshall who plays notorious South Australian serial killer John Bunting in the coming film Snowtown. It was to accompany an interview in Time Out Sydney.

It was just a quick shoot in the film publicists office so i knew the background wouldn’t be particularly inspiring. I took along some red colour gels to add a bit of menace to it. We shot in a kitchen and the lighting was pretty simple, one red gelled light behind him bathing the room in red, one tightly snooted light in front illuminating his face.

For a shot in contrast to the chilling psychopath Daniel play’s on screen i got some more friendly looking ones too.


  1. What a difference between the two set-ups! Having seen the film recently, the first ones chilled me and the second set was a great relief.

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