Swimming with the fishes in Phi Phi

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There's something a little fishy going on here

It’s been a bit quiet round these parts as i was dipping my toes into the warm waters of Thailand.

As has become the norm on holidays of late the SLR stayed stowed away for the most part, but i took it out for a trip underwater with an EWA Marine case borrowed from Charlie.

Cybele says hi

These were taken in the water off Phi Phi island, you drop a bit of bread in the water and the fish go bananas.

It's getting a little crowded in here

Swimming with this many fish is a bit overwhelming. It feels like you’re being eaten alive by a pack of piranhas, until you realise that the fish are doing their darndest to never touch you no matter how much you flail your limbs about.

Except for one fish who pecked at my nipple. Kinky devil.

Next to where these photos were taken is a little spot called Monkey Beach. Surprise surprise, monkey’s hang out there. They’re used to humans feeding them, so as soon as you arrive they descend from the trees in the hopes of a snack.

2am 1st January 2011. Phi Phi island.

Wired on Redbull from Thailand’s infamous buckets i snapped this frame on New Years morning from the beach near our room.

This one's for all my friends in the Northern Hemisphere.

Happy 2011 everyone.


  1. that 2am show on New Year’s Day is sensational.

  2. You’re making me miss Phi Phi way too much Dan. I got married there a couple of years ago and I want to go back as soon as possible.

    What kind of rig were you using to shoot underwater with the 5D?

  3. Just read the post instead of looking at the pretty pictures and saw the details about the EWA Marine case 🙂

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