Time Out Food and Drink photos

It’s been a while since i’ve posted some of my food and drink photos that i’ve shot for Time Out Sydney so here’s a bit of an update from the past few issues.

Unlike previous times, i’m showing the actual page layouts, so you can see how the my photos are used in context of the magazine.

I do so because:

  • I’m proud of the work of the Time Out design team of Phil Bunting and Tom Hislop
  • I’m proud of the work of Time Out food editor Myffy Rigby
  • These layouts are a reminder to those that haven’t picked up the magazine lately that it’s worth doing so. The magazine shows the photography better than the website. Subscribe today!
  • As a followup to my older post about concert photography not paying. I’ve diversified.

If this has whet your appetite you can subscribe to Time Out Sydney quite cheaply. It makes the perfect Christmas gift!


  1. awesome photos! i decide on a lot of my restaurant choices based on how good the food looks in these articles! do you ever get to eat any of it afterwards?

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