Lanie Lane and Time Out Sydney April

Lanie Lane on the cover of Time Out Sydney

Lanie Lane
Lanie Lane on the cover of Time Out Sydney

There’s a new issue of Time Out Sydney in newsagents this month which features a number of photos from me.

The mag has had a bit of a spruce up in the layout too, with more pictures running bigger and full bleed. Which is rather pleasing.

First up is cover star Lanie Lane who i photographed at my home studio. She’s a genuine sweetheart and i’m really glad we’ve got her on the cover. She’s still under the mainstream radar, but a great talent who i’ve no doubt will be making waves when she releases her debut album later this year.

Sam Hughes serenades his egg of fermenting wine

This was a really fun photo to shoot and i had no idea what to expect when i was going in. I was just told by the food editor, “there’s these dudes making wine by fermenting it in giant eggs and playing music to it”.

So i made arrangements with Sam from Natural Selection Theory to shoot at their space in an old Rozelle factory. And it was pretty much as described, a dark room with a number of large ceramic eggs filled with wine. Each egg is played a different soundtrack through speakers, some jarring distortion, some soothing sea sounds, some heartbeats. Each egg is also encased in a different type of soil which combines with the sound to apparently make each wine ferment differently.

I bathed the room in red by firing my flash into a real estate sign that was kicking around then lit Sam from the front with a snoot. Awesome dude.

Kerri and Cameron from jazz club 505

Rev. Graham Long of the Wayside Chapel

The Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross is undergoing major renovations at the moment and is even more chaotic than usual. I’d shot there before and remembered this great Reg Mombassa stained glass style artwork he’d done. Graham dug it out of storage in his office and i took it up to the rooftop to shoot them there together.

There’s a great photo heavy book about the Wayside out recently that’s well worth a look.

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  1. Great pics Dan, it’s always good to see your photos. The lighting on the jazz club shot is lovely.

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